Rockport Yacht Club Vision, Mission and Purpose

Rockport Yacht Club is a dynamic non-profit organization dedicated to realizing the social and nautical potential of its members.


Our Vision is to have the Rockport Yacht Club recognized

as a socially- and nautically-connected,valued community member. 


Our Mission shall be to serve the interests of its members by:

  • Promoting water activities for both youth and adults.
  • Providing a suitable facility whereby members are able to gather in a social atmosphere.
  • Cultivating excellent community relations
  • Honoring the historic legacy of our club.

Our Purpose is to foster positive behaviors while networking

within the nautical community.


Our 2022 Bridge Officers and Directors

are committed to a set of goals consistent with our mission:


Wayne Carney


Elected to serve for 2022

Vice Commodore:

Butch Engel

  Elected to serve for 2022

Rear Commodore:

 Brad Chilcote

  Elected to serve for 2022


Shannon Carney

  Reelected to serve for 2022


Rachel Mills

  Elected to serve for 2022

Director, Place 1:

Shari Butler

  Term: 01/22 to 12/2022

Director, Place 2:

Will Westbrook


Term: 01/22 to 12/2023

Director, Place 3:

Cory Jeffer


Term: 01/22 to 12/22

Director, Place 4: 

Leslie Stranahan


Term: 01/22 to 12/23


Past Commodore, 2020 & 2021

George Krapfel

Past Commodore, 2019:

Karl Hielscher


Past Commodore, 2018:

Terry Nielsen


Past Commodore, 2017:

Scott Mckay


Bridge Members serve a one year term unless reelected.  All four Directors serve two year terms.  Place 1 & 3 are elected during even years. Place 2 & 4 are elected during odd years. Occassionally, due to unexpected circumstances, the Commodore can fill any empty position by appointment.



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