Composing a history of the Rockport Yacht Club is an ongoing endeavor.

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Note from current chapters author:


"Bob Goldate and I [Jack Lawrence] volunteered to write a history of the RYC for the website not knowing what a task it would be but we are pressing forward. Bob and I have interviewed a couple of old salts and have a few more to do and I have delved into the scrapbooks that the former historians kept of the club activities.

I have only looked at the books for the years 1976 to 1985 so far and I am just amazed at the activities the club was involved in the early years. So instead of a formal year to year history I would just like to do an overview for you and encourage you to go look at the scrapbooks in the office. Not having been here for any of these activities I am just reading old soundings and newspaper clippings and attempting to put together a story..."


















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